Kids Academy

Education for the Future Generation

We cultivate our educational method, and apply the best and the latest spin-off in this program.
• Fun & Games
• LEGO Edo
• NASA/Robot
• Hands on Fun

Sat : 9 :00-12 :00 , 13 :00-16 :00
Fun & Games “Rock, Paper, Scissors!”
Games and activities are focused to play with children to boost their brainpower. This play-based curriculum explores a range of fun facts while simultaneously stimulates the language centers of the brain.
LEGO Edu “Playful Learning by Making”
LEGO Edu program is an interesting hands-on educational approach to enhance children problem solving ability. Using Lego as an educational tool helps engage learning experience in science, technology, literacy and Math.
NASA/ROBOT “Inspire the Engineers of Tomorrow”
This NASA program enables children to build, program and test their solution, based on real life robotics technology.
Educational robotics program encourages children for a future specialization in computer science by developing their interest in using robotics platform.
Hands-on-Fun/ECO “Fun Green Adventure”
This program is a lesson combo with fun, hands-on and exciting approach to Recycling. Participating in the process of upcycling materials through fun develops children’s awareness to their environment and arises their imagination.